The Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) of Sanctum City provide the basis for Sire and Hero growth. When not in the World Map setting up battle schemes and land developments, the Sire spends most of their time in Sanctum talking to NPCs to acquire new heroes, finish quests, and restock on supplies. There are three sections in Sanctum City: The Palace, The Square, and The Market. Palace NPCs provide basic Sire development and mini-game activities. Square NPCs are mostly present for quests. Market NPCs provide Sires with supplies and a sire-to-sire and sire-to-npc trading locale.


NPC Primary Function Secondary Function

Army iconLord Governor - Bernard

Dungeons Quest participant

Badge paper iconRoyal Treasurer - Demetrius

Sire Salary

Newbie Instructor - Foster

Game Introduction

Resources iconTreasure Trade Merchant - Mark William

Exchange: Map, Suit, VIP gear

Young Scholar - Gareth

Event Quest participant

Receptionist - Marina

Game introduction

Chief Administrative Officer - Prudence

Quest participant

Ink paper iconAlliance Officer - Delilah

Create/Join Alliance

Senator - Chaucer

Badge paper iconFortune Teller - Pythia

Tarot Divination (Bonuses)

Helm iconHero Employment Officer - Mr. Sherier

Hire Hero(Normal)



Primary Function Secondary Function
Tavern Girl - Sybil Quest participant
Carter - Ysabel
Paper iconRoyal Advisor - Dumont Quest Organizer
Treasurer - Tristan Quest participant
Badge paper iconPeace Minister - Evangeline Apply for a Vacation !!
Florist - Lillian Quest participant Special Event Orginizer
Bankrupt Merchant - Jurgern Quest participant
Guard Captain - Horace Sire Mission Quest participant
Hammer iconRuins Manager - Nicholas Rebuilt City


NPC Primary Function Secondary Function
Dragon Slayer - Owen Event Quest participant
Perfume Merchant - Bellevue Event Quest participant
Postman iconPostman - Brown Send Items & Coins
Taylor - Corina
Vagrant Adventurer - Leon Event Quest participant
Resources iconResource Supplier - Gavin Buy/Sell resources
Army iconColiseum Administrator - Nate Coliseum
Hammer iconLegendary Blacksmith - Robert Equipment Forging
Market iconMarket Vendor - Colette Buy/Sell/Auction ITEMS