Golden Age is a game rich in features, the most important feature being the interface.

There are four major locations that have an interface - Sanctum City, the World Map, Sire Cities, and Battlefield*. Of the three, the World Map, the playing field, is the only interface that has three sub-screens and a constantly changing visual.

There is also the static boarder interface, which changes slightly depending on which location you are in.

This page and related pages are image heavy. *Note: Battlefield is currently not live on any Server.

Primary InterfaceEdit

The left section and bottom section of the Golden Age interface is constant in both Sanctum City and the Wilderness Map.

Interface MainLeft
Left Interface

In the Left Interface the Sire can view the Sire Panel, the Action Window, and the Chat Window.

1) Sire Panel (see below, right)Edit

The Sire Panel shows the Sire's image and cities. Up to 7 cities will be featured across the top of the Sire Panel. Clicking the Sire's face will open the Sire Window which leads to the Sire Skills window. The surrounding black around the Sire's image, as seen in the picture, shows the Sire's current experience. As the black changes to blue, the Sire is gaining experience. When the black is entirely blue, the Sire will gain a level.

A) Takes the Sire back to the Sanctum City Map. B) Changes the view to the Wilderness Map. C) Shows the Sire which Divination is in effect (if any). D) Shows the Sire level. E) Shows the Sire's VIP - when gold, the Sire's VIP is active; when grey as seen in the image, VIP is inactive.

2) Action Window (See below, Left)Edit

The Action Window allows the Sire to monitor army activity. When the Sire is being aggressed or aggressive, the buttons in the Action panel will blink accordingly until the Sire clicks the blinking button(s). The Sire can press the yellow arrow to expand or collapse the Action Window at any time.

Interface ActionWindow

1) Blinks when army is in motion. 2) Blinks when occupied city or personal city is awaiting an attack. 3) Blinks when an occupied city or personal city is awaiting garrison. 4) Blinks when army is engaged in battle. 5) Blinks when City constructions are in progress. 6) Press to expand or collapse Action Window.

3) Chat Interface (See below)Edit

The Chat Interface is the primary form of communcations between Sires. Sires can chat across five (5) levels: World Chat; Alliance Chat; Kingdom Chat; Horns, and Battlefield Chat. Currently, Battlefield Chat is inaccessible because Battlefield is not active in the game. Sires also have the ability to privately chat other Sires in-line or in a separate window. The chat can be modified slightly to increase the chat window size, chat font color, and which window chats appear in (top or bottom), if they are shown at all. The chat also also System, Trade, and Publish chats. Only Trade Chat of these three can be hidden completely. All publishes (items, heroes, battles) will show in World Chat by default. System Chat also defaults to the Top chat window.
Interface ChatWindow

1) Top chat window. 2) Bottom chat window. 3) Opens a small selection list to change between chats. 4) Where chat is entered, press Enter to show the chat cursor or select the chat bar. 5) Opens the Chat Interface Modification panel (see left).

Interface ChatWindow-Extended

5a) Press to enter chat manually as opposed to pressing Enter on the keyboard. 5b) Opens the chat modification interface (see below). 5c) Adds or removes selectability in the chat window. When on, chat can be highlighted or selected; when off, Sires can click through the chat interface, but will still see the chat.

Bottom InterfaceEdit

Interface MainBottom

1) Chat Interface. 2) Action Window. 3) Links to forums. 4) Server Time.

The bottom interface is the location of the Action Ribbon, Chat Interface (see above), and Server Time. This ribbon provides access to a host of windows, applications, and actions for the Sire. While all buttons are viewable in either interface (Sanctum and Wild Map), some only work entirely in the Wild Map. The most important feature of the bottom interface is the Action Ribbon and will be explained the most below.

The Action RibbonEdit

Interface ActionRibbon

1) Opens Sire Mail. 2) Opens Quest Log. 3) Opens Army Panel. 4) Opens Hero Window. 5) Opens inventory. 6) Opens Alliance window. 7) Opens rankings. 8) Opens Friendlist. 9) Opens Daily Activity panel. 10) Opens Occupations list. 11) Opens Help interface. 12) Opens System Settings. 13) Opens Cash Item Mall.

Location Specific InterfaceEdit

As mentioned at the top of the page