A World of FirstsEdit

Welcome to Golden Age! After choosing your server and choosing your class, you will meet Marina. Marina is your beginner's quest guide and she will help you get settled into the game. It is important that you finish your starter quests first -- and actually pay attention to the text. While some aspects of the game may appear poorly translated, the translations are still done well enough so you can adjust to the bare basics of the game.

Starting Your First QuestEdit


(Image 1)Starting screen: Welcome to Golden Age! ©2012 Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

When you first start playing GoldenAge, you are greeted by Marina [see: Image 1]. Once you start the game, you will see the window on the left. Marina welcomes you to the game, following immediately with your first quest. This quest only gives you one option: "Accept". All future quests will allow you to Accept or Ignore the quest. Fortunately, if you choose to Ignore a quest, you can still accept it in the future.

A Brief Introduction to InterfaceEdit

After accepting this first quest, the Log Button will blink [see: Image 2]. This button looks like a piece of parchment and can be found on the bottom ribbon. It will blink every time you start a new quest or have accepted one. Clicking the Log Button will open a menu [see: Image 3] that will show you your current quests and completed quests.


(Image 2) Navigation Ribbon: Log Button ©2012 Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

To see available quests, you will have to use the NPC button in the top-right corner of the game. Select "Quest NPC" and you will see a list of all NPCs that give and receive quests. NPCs with ? by their names have a quest you have accepted; NPCs with ! have quests you have not accepted. Yellow ? are completed quests, and gray ? are incomplete quests.

The Help MenuEdit

TheRibbon 2 HELP

(Image 3) The Help Button. ©2012 Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

This brings us to your last features of In-Game Assistance: the Help Buttons [see: Image 3]! On the bottom ribbon you will see the Help Button which has a full in-game manual.


(Image 3a): GoldenAge Help Menu. ©2012 Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

This a full interactive menu [see: Image 3a] provides text tips and summaries for in-game functions, a method to contact the GMs, and a link to understanding the game's UI.

The second Help Button can be found in almost every window of the game's interface (not including the Help Window). Each window features a button found in the upper right corner of the screen. There is a [?] button. Clicking this button will initiate a sequence of animations similar to those encountered at the introductory quests, including highlighting a feature of the window, explaining what the entire window is used for, and allowing the user to continue the tutorial or cancel the tutorial at their ready.

Building Your First CityEdit

Hiring Your First HeroEdit

Arranging Your First ArmyEdit