Golden Age is an MMORTS -- a massively multi-online realtime strategy game. In Golden Age you choose from one of three Factions : Ibero, Rhine, or Knights. After picking a faction, the Sire will develop Heroes, train troops and armies, and build cities in order to become the more powerful sire (or group of sires) on the server.

Daily ActivitiesEdit

Golden Age is largely a strategic game, but there are activities players can participate in daily. These activities include: Daily Quests, Alliance Quests, Hero Quests, and Instances. The Sire can also spend the day attacking and spawning wildernesses. These spawns provide for the Sire a non-pvp method of leveling their hero(es).

Interactive GameplayEdit

Players also participate in player-vs-player (PVP) gameplay. This includes interacting with alliances and/or kingdoms and participating in inter-sire combat. Sires can attack other Sires through Plundering, Attacking, or Conquering. Sires also have the option to Garrison other Sires when they are attempting to defend an ally or friend in battle.

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