Golden Age has three classes you can choose from. Each class has its own specialty that gives it both an advantage and a disadvantage in the game. The Classes are described briefly below, but each class has a personal page that explains more of the nuances of growing with that class. Picking the class is only part of the equation to success, but how they work together determines the overall victory of their Alliances and Kingdoms.

About the Ibero Alliance (DEFENSE)

The Ibero Alliance specializes in Defense. As defense specialists, the Ibero Castle have stronger and fortified Walls, towers and traps are very effective, and even more the stronger defense units than the other two alliances. Furthermore, as defense specialists, the Ibero are preferred for defending major spaces, such as wonder zone chokes.

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About the Knights Templar (OFFENSE)

The Knight Templars are specialists in Offense. As offense specialists, the Knights have extra options for trainable Infantry and overall have a higher fighting capacity than the other factions. Their special building, the Arena also gives them the opportunity to produce weekly more recruits than the other two alliances, giving them a greater offensive advantage. More recruits means more trainable troops, and thus, a potentially larger army.

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About the Rhine Commerce Guild (PRODUCTION)

The Rhine Commerce Guild is considerably the "neutral" faction. Rhine specialize in resource production, but otherwise have no offensive or defensive advantage as far as trainable troops go. Instead. Rhines possess the potential to accumulate a much greater supply of resources and at a faster rate than the other two factions. As a result, the Rhine can potentially provide for much larger armies with respect to grain supply, as well as potentially producing larger armies faster because of their overall access to large amounts of resources. The Rhine's special buildings included four (4) Government guilds that increase each resource production a set amount, the supplementary resource boost increases with each building's level (the highest of which is 30).

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Common Troops

All Factions share three types of troops: Scouts for investigation, Archons for building new cities, and Siege for breaking down walls during a conquer. While scouts and archons are common for the three factions, Siege units differ in attack power, name, and building costs (although slightly) across the factions. Statistics for these troops are seen below.

Ibero Siege Knights Siege Rhine Siege Scouts Archons
Name Siege Trebuchet Catapult Stone Cannon Scouts Inquisitors/Guild Agents
Fight Capacity*(bd=building damage) 5/100bd 5/120bd 5/110bd 10 1
Speed 10 10 10 72 6
Carrying Capacity 0 0 0 0 0
Costs to Train
Population* 9 8 8 2 20


1425 1715 1565 160 18000


2550 3000 2800 175 24000


2700 3265 2985 165 27000


1800 2180 2025 415 28000
Defense Capacity

Vs. Infantry

60 60 60 15 120

Vs. Archer

275 275 275 10 45

Vs. Cavalry

95 95 95 20 55

Vs. Mage

145 145 145 5 80
*Population = # Recruits needed to build