The Specialty Epic Defensives are profiled below. The heroes all have a maximum leadership potential of 5550, meaning they can carry 55500 troops at level 99.

Leonardo, the Masked DukeEdit

Epic Hero Leonardo Basic Attrributes


Defense Vitality
Name Leonardo Government Intellect
Class Masked Duke Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.6 Attack 1500 Basic Evasion


750 Defense 1700 Basic Protection
Leadership 5550 Government 1500 Basic Commanding
History The son of Venetian nobles, Leonardo had a jolly childhood indeed...until a long-lost uncle appeared on his family's doorstep and opened a Pandora's box of secrets and lies. War erupted within the family, and Leonardo lost everything--his home, his titles, and his privilege. The hatred burning in his heart was all that kept him from freezing to death that frigid winter. He eventually made his way to "Golden Land," the place where his uncle had become so powerful. The Lords recognized the vast power Leonardo's hatred had given him, and made him a duke--the youngest on the continent. But his anger never wavered. Now, Leonardo wears a mask at all times, to preserve his vicious image and never betray a hint of weakness.

Evangelia, the Silvermoon PriestessEdit

Epic Hero Evangelia Basic Attrributes


76 Strength 30
Defense 76 Vitality 30
Name Evangelia Government 76 Intellect 30
Class SIlvermoon Priestess Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.6 Attack 1450 Basic Trap


750 Defense 1750 Basic Luck
Leadership 5550 Government 1450 Basic Commanding
History Most high-level Press Priests and Priestesses are humble and kind. Many are routinely invited into the homes of church members to share in weddings, birthdays, and even ordinary dinners. Sometimes, however, all is not always how it seems. Evangelia has heard whispers of dark doings, and suspects corruption in the holy organization. Believing the people's trust is worth more than that, she has vowed to root it out...

Jezebel, the Iceflame SaintEdit

Jezebel,the Iceflame Saint

Epic Hero Jezebel Basic Attrributes


82 Strength 30
Defense 82 Vitality 30
Name Jezebel Government 82 Intellect 30
Class Iceflame Saint Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.72 Attack 1500 Intermediate Evasion


2000 Defense 1850 Intermediate Luck
Leadership 5550 Government 1500 Intermediate Commanding
History None know the true origins of Jezebel, though many whisper that she is an ancient offspring of the Golden Land itself. Indeed, she does seem to possess special powers related to nature, and even claims to communicate freely with plants and animals alike.  She shuns balls, feasts, and other social extravaganzas, preferring instead to live in the forest in solitude. Curious about her and her powers, the Chief Judge of the Press Church has long sought to woo her into his employ.

Pius, the Angelic KnightEdit

Pius, the Dawn Pope
Epic Hero Pius Basic Attrributes


82 Strength 30
Defense 82 Vitality 30
Name Pius Government 82 Intellect 30
Class Dawn Pope Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.72 Attack 1600 Intermediate Trap


2000 Defense 1800 Intermediate Protection
Leadership 5550 Government 1600 Intermediate Commanding
History The Golden Land attracted many people from Europe to fight, but the missionary Pius had different thoughts about this land. He wanted to turn it into a wonderland dedicated to God, where all people would have peaceful and happy lives. He brought advanced technology as well as his faith, and he has been trying to persuade Sires to build churches and stop wars. However, man's desire is evil and powerful too, and to save people, you must first teach them to save themselves. His work is hard, but he still toils at fulfilling his dream. That is why he is called the Pope.