The Tier 2 Epic Offensives are profiled basic. The heroes all have a maximum leadership potential of ---, meaning they can carry ---.

troops at level 99.

Eve, the Angel of True LoveEdit

Eve, the Angel of True Love
Epic Hero Eve Basic Attrributes


79 Strength 30
Defense 79 Vitality 30
Name Eve Government 79 Intellect 30
Class Angel of True Love Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.66 Attack 1850 Intermediate Spell Hero Skill Intermediate Spell


--- Defense 1850 Intermediate Precision Hero Skill Intermediate Precision
Leadership --- Government 1850 Basic Commanding Hero Skill Basic Commanding
History Church doctrine claims that God made the first woman, Eve, using a rib from the first man, Adam. Poetic doctrine claims that romance stems from the desire of men's and women's souls to be reunited in one body once again. Since their banishment from the Garden of Eden, the keen desire to find her soulmate has touched the souls of all womankind.

Captain Phoenix, the Depraved GeneralEdit

Captain Phoenix, the Depraved General
Epic Hero Captain Phoenix Basic Attrributes


99 Strength 40
Defense 87 Vitality 30
Name Captain Phoenix Government 87 Intellect 30
Class Depraved General Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.72 Attack 1900 Advanced Commanding Hero Skill Advanced Commanding


--- Defense 1700 Basic Logistics Hero Skill Basic Logistics
Leadership --- Government 1300 Advanced Charging Hero Skill Advanced Charging
History The rear admiral, Kaptain Phoenix, has grown obsessed with achieving some kind of vengeance on his one-time friend, Jack Benne. No one knows the source of the two men's feud--the most popular theories are that it sprang from a drunken argument or a drunken woman--but it has come to completely consume Canter's life. Once a noble admiral, he has become wicked and corrupt. He recently captured the navy's original defensive center, Xerxes Island, and now uses it as his own private base. His feud with Jack Benne rages on, but no one may ever know why...

Jack Benne, the CaptainEdit

Jack Benne, the Captain

Epic Hero Jack Benne Basic Attrributes


139 Strength 55
Defense 126 Vitality 45
Name Jack Benne Government 108 Intellect 30
Class Captain Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.8 Attack 2500 Intermediate Attack Hero Skill Intermediate Attack


--- Defense 2000 Advanced Precision Hero Skill Advanced Precision
Leadership --- Government 2000 Intermediate Commanding Hero Skill Intermediate Commanding
History Jack Benne's fleet had been wandering the sea since their defeat at the hands of Sanctum City's forces, searching for a new cause. Benne has decided to follow you and help expand your power.

Theseus, the God's FavoriteEdit

Theseus, the God's Favorite
Epic Hero Theseus Basic Attrributes


217 Strength 60
Defense 200 Vitality 50
Name Theseus Government 182 Intellect 40
Class God's Favorite Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2.5 Attack 4000 Advanced Precision Hero Skill Advanced Precision


--- Defense 2500 Advanced Commanding Hero Skill Advanced Commanding
Leadership --- Government 1500 Advanced Mage Hero Skill Advanced Mage
History The son of Zeus, who has incredible talent in combat just like Warlord Ares, is such a secretive person that it seems no one has ever even seen him, much less recruited him.