The Epic Governors are in different Tiers. They are not as common as Offense or Defense Epic Heroes. Epic Governos even when in higher tiers, their abilities are below other epic heroes in the same tier.

The heroes all have a maximum leadership potential of ---, meaning they can carry --- troops at level 99.

Tiger, the Girls Intermediate Home - TIER 3Edit

Tiger, the Girls Intermediate Home
Epic Hero Tiger Basic Attrributes


94 Strength 30
Defense 100 Vitality 35
Name Tiger Government 123 Intellect 55
Class Girls Intermediate Home Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.66 Attack 1250 Basic Government Hero Skill Basic Government


--- Defense 1450 Basic City Defense Hero Skill Basic City Defense
Leadership --- Government 1650 Basic Evasion Hero Skill Basic Evasion
History She is the owner of The Golden Plum, the most popular inn in the Golden Land. She may seem like a humble innkeeper, but she's deeply intertwined in politics. She's also looking for a the right Sire to serve.