The Tier 2 Epic Defensives are profiled basic. The heroes all have a maximum leadership potential of ---, meaning they can carry --- troops at level 99.

Anemone, the Goddess of the Abyssal SeaEdit

Anemone, the Goddess of the Abyssal Sea
Epic Hero Anemone Basic Attrributes


103 Strength 35
Defense 109 Vitality 40
Name Anemone Government 103 Intellect 35
Class Goddess of the Abyssal Sea Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.8 Attack 1900 Intermediate Protection Hero Skill Intermediate Protection


--- Defense 2100 Intermediate Trap Hero Skill Intermediate Trap
Leadership --- Government 1900 Basic Commanding Hero Skill Basic Commanding
History The only descendant of the ancient and mysterious sea-dwelling race that founded Asana, Anemone is the sole guardian of a powerful necklace, the Heart of the Sea. Said to be the "lost" city, Asana was never lost at all; it had only ever existed on the sea floor, home to thousands of mermen and mermaids. With the rest of her people gone, Anemone often turns into a human being and lives on land. On every full moon, however, she returns to the sea as a mermaid. Many have sought to possess her necklace for their own gain, but every attempt to steal it ends in failure.

Bloodhook, the CaptainEdit

Bloodhook, the Captain
Epic Hero Bloodhook Basic Attrributes


108 Strength 30
Defense 139 Vitality 55
Name Bloodhook Government 126 Intellect 45
Class Captain Talents Learned Skills
Growth 1.8 Attack 2000 Intermediate Protection Hero Skill Intermediate Protection


--- Defense 2500 Advanced Trap Hero Skill Advanced Trap
Leadership --- Government 2000 Intermediate Defense Hero Skill Intermediate Defense
History Captain Bloodhook has been training hard since his defeat at the hands of Sanctum's alliance force, and has decided to follow you and help expand your power.

Ashley, the Golden ShieldEdit

Ashley,the Golden Shield

Epic Hero Ashley Basic Attrributes


182 Strength 40
Defense 217 Vitality 60
Name Ashley Government 200 Intellect 50
Class Golden Shield Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2.5 Attack 2500 Advanced Trap Hero Skill Advanced Trap


--- Defense 4000 Advanced Commanding Hero Skill Advanced Commanding
Leadership --- Government 1500 Advanced City Defense Heri Skill Advanced City Defense
History She once fought off several thousand men by herself, saving countless lives. She is powerful enough to help her lord conquer the world.

Friedrich, the ThiefEdit

Friedrich, the Thief
Epic Hero Friedrich Basic Attrributes


149 Strength 55
Defense 121 Vitality 35
Name Friedrich Government 114 Intellect 30
Class Thief Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2 Attack 3800 Advanced War Phalanx Hero Skill Advanced War Phalanx


--- Defense 2500 Advanced Attack Hero Skill Advanced Attack
Leadership --- Government 1500 Intermediate Commanding Hero Skill Intermediate Commanding
Advanced Infantry Hero Skill Advanced Infantry
History The most famous thief of the Sanctum City, he has many loyal followers and a high reputation among the common people for the good deeds he has done for them. Friedrich has always had feelings for Princess Helen of Sanctum city, but he had to hide his emotions because of their class differences.