The GoldenAge Community is (in my humble opinion) the most vibrant feature of the game. Unlike MMORPGs, you (the player) are not required to actively play the game to progress. Most of your progession is via idle or low-attention tasks (eg: Quests, attacking wilds, messing with gear). I describe the gameplay as 15% clicking, 85% plotting and discussion.

There are three main facets of the GA Community: Alliances, Kingdoms, and Rivalries. These parts of the community drive the game forward. Alliances form into Kingdoms and together attempt to overcome their Rivals.

In addition to these main facets, there is the all encompassing World Chat, internally dubbed "the Live Wiki". World Chat is where allies and rivals come together to discuss tactics, banter it out, complain about in-game issues, and solve community problems. We call it the "Live Wiki" because a lot of what you see here has been mentioned time and again in there. We are always willing to help our new players and have gotten our sharing of information down to an exact science.


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