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It's time to test your strength!

The Coliseum is an Arena where players can test their strength against other players' Heroes. At the bottom of this article is a gallery that displays and explains all the features of the Coliseum.

How to PlayEdit

To play the Coliseum, take your Sire to the Market section of Sanctum City or find the NPC Nate in the NPC list of the top right corner of the Sanctum City map.

At NPC Nate, enter the Coliseum. The Coliseum interface will show you your hero index in the left column, and the six (6) Sires in your immediate ranking in the right panel (see image below).

The feature will select your three strongest heroes to play in the Coliseum. These are typically the same three heroes other Sires will see if they choose to challenge you.

You can only challenge 18 different Sires at a time, not including those who appear in your Revenge tab (the number of Sires in this tab changes over time).

Choosing Your HeroesEdit

The Heroes chosen make up your Hero Index. Your Hero Index is the accumulated total of your top three heroes' Strength and Defense points.

Understanding the Hero IndexEdit

The Hero Index is a simple concept because it is the sum of your top three Heroes' Strength and Defense statistics. A Hero's contribution to the Index can be manipulated through the adjustment of gear, skills, and basic statistics.
Increasing an Offensive Hero's Strength or a Defense Hero's Defending statistic will optimize the amount of points that go into their overall fighting capacity Offensive Heroes have higher Strength indexes and will put in 3-times as many points into strength when attack is increased, as opposed to defense or intelligence. Simlarly, Defensive Heroes have higher defense indexes that allow them to add 3-times as many points for defense when defense is added as opposed to attack or intelligence. More can be read about Heroes and their statistics distribution here.
Hero Skills can also adjust the hero's fighting capacity. Each hero skill adds a multiple increase to the hero's total fighting capacity Primary Skills add 2.5% to the hero's fighting capacity; Intermediate Skills add 4% to the hero's fighting capacity Advanced Skills add 6% to the hero's fighting capacity; and Supreme Skills add 8% to the hero's fighting capacity.
A Hero's fight capacity increases with each successive victory in the Coliseum as well.

Choosing your BattlesEdit

The Heroes

Example Coliseum Interface.