Golden Age
©2012 Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

Release Date

October 2011




AeriaGames Entertainment

Current Servers

Legends, Bloodlust, & Heroes

Game Type

Browser, Free-to-Play, Cash Shop Available



Golden Age is a massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) produced by AeriaGames Entertainment. The game currently features three servers to play on: Legends, Heroes, and Bloodlust. Players select one of three Factions to use as their primary sire. Once selected, the player can choose one of two genders to play as. Currently, Faction and gender cannot be changed in the game.

Players interact with the game using the mouse to move across maps and the keyboard to chat with other players and input data. There are two major screens for interaction: the NPC Map and the Action Map.


The primary objective in Golden Age is to become the most powerful sire on the server and to be in control of most if not all of the map. Sires lead up to 20 armies to attack and conquer hundreds of wonders across the four maps. Teams of sires, known as alliances, and groups of alliances, known as kingdoms, allow sires to play in groups that work together to further increase their power and control.

The game uses an intricate warring system to encourage interplayer combat. Sires are related either as rivals, allies, or neutrals. Depending on their relationship, sires can interact with one another differently on the map.


The game encompasses three methods of play: player-vs-player (PVP), player-vs-computer (PVC), player-vs-environment (PVE) and simulated development (SD). PVP Combat is the primary feature of the game through which players develop power and control over the map and other sires. PVC includes daily activities players complete to increase the levels of their heroes, competency of their army strategies, and pass the time when major PVP battles are on a lull. PVC within Sanctum City options include Instances, Hero Quests, and Crusade Quests*. On the wilderness map, PVC combat includes assaulting random and spawned wildernesses, conquering Wonders, and attacking or conquering Wonder wilds and fields. Simulated development includes the development of the player and sire cities. City development is crucial for army support and army development. Overtime, SD becomes an idle task as building times approach whole days to multiple weeks' time. Other tasks include armor manipulation, casual social interaction, and non-developmental quests.